After Work

‘After Work’: first trailer for CPH:DOX documentary

(SCREENDAILY.COM) Screen can unveil the first trailer for Erik Gandini’s After Work, which has its world premiere in CPH:DOX’s international main competition on March 19.

After Work explores the nature of work in the 21st century amid the rise of artificial intelligence.

An Italian-Swedish film director, writer, and producer, Gandini is also professor of documentary film at Stockholm University of the Arts.

Gandini’s credits include Videocracy, which played at Venice, Toronto and IDFA in 2009, and The Swedish Theory of Love which premiered at the Stockholm International Film Festival in 2015. He also produced The Raft by Marcus Lindeen which won the main competition at CPH:DOX in 2018.

After Work is shot in the USA, Italy, Kuwait and Korea. The cinematographer is Fredrik Wenzel, whose credits include Triangle of Sadness and The Square.

It is produced by Jesper Kurlandsky of Sweden’s Fasad and co-produced by Propaganda Italia in collaboration with Rai Cinema, Swedish Television, Sweden’s Film I Väst, Norway’s Indie Film, Netherland’s VPRO and Germany’s Geo Television.

Tim Dams, (16.03.2023)